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Networker & Entrepreneur

Meet LaKisha. Thriving business-woman. Innovative thinker. Dedicated wife and mother of two.

Get to Know Lakisha

LaKisha Williams is a talented saleswoman who, along with her husband Jason, has been able to enter markets and grow businesses in multiple different industries. Her success across different business models shows her ability to learn and grow companies from incubation to rapid expansion. She now enjoys speaking and coaching entrepreneurs in how they can find the success that her and and her husband created for themselves.

Starting fresh out of college, LaKisha co-founded and implemented a non-profit organization in partnership with her alma mater, Kent State University. Learn to Lead and Achieve was started to help city kids tour Kent State and experience a “day in the life” of a college student. By experiencing the college lifestyle first hand, many students had their eyes opened to the possibilities that furthering their education could offer them. Also a part of their organization was an afterschool program where young students could go prepare for the standardized testing that many college admissions use to evaluate applications. Today, programs likes this are run within universities across the country, but LaKisha and Jason Williams started theres at the very forefront of the movement, a testament to their insight into market demands.

Almost simultaneously, the duo opened a hair salon in the area surrounding Kent State after noticing a market demand. With no experience they taught themselves how to build their business and acted as silent owners for four years before selling the property and moving to Akron, Ohio.

After six years in the pharmaceutical sales industry LaKisha and Jason opened a business within the healthcare industry, providing home care to disabled individuals. A key part of their business was cultivating relationships with their clientele, something that is second nature to LaKisha. Having such great customer relationship helped grow their business greatly.

In the midst of this venture, LaKisha revisited baking cakes, a hobby passed down through the generations of her family. Using her grandmother’s recipe she perfected the art of baking her delicious red velvet cake. This cake was so good in fact, she began to sell them out of her kitchen at home, among other treats. Demand for her baking became so large her and Jason opened up a bakery named Baker’s Blvd. Sales continued to grow for LaKisha’s sweets until her and Jason decided to use their unique niche to partner with other organizations for great causes. The largest of which was the Lebron James Family Foundation. Half of every cherry cola cupcake went to the foundation, and the partnership gave the bakery much publicity.

Lakisha Williams along with her husband Jason Williams have been able to break into markets, some on purpose, others out of serendipity. Ultimately they taught themselves how to operate and succeed in each one. Tune in to LaKisha’s blog to learn how to become an entrepreneur similar to Jason and LaKisha.

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