With each new year, a celebration goes forth. Parties take place; games are played; and, people have a glimmer of hope in their eyes. People know that even though many people quit their “New Year’s Resolutions,” they are still hopeful that they will be able to have a happy and prosperous new year.

Running a business is a difficult feat. There are finances to track scrupulously, people to manage, and work to be accomplished. What can make this process infinitely more rewarding is running a business together with your significant other. As we face the new year, think of all the joy that could come from working with your partner each day instead of away from your partner at separate businesses all day long. Working as business partners can offer incredible bonding experiences and help to build trust in your relationship. Even when you have a business partner, running a business takes diligence, but it is definitely possible, and the rewards are plentiful. Here are a few ways to keep your business thriving and your relationship loving, while running a business together.

Find Ways to Inspire and Support Your Significant Other
Jason and I are in a transitional phase of building new businesses and strengthening our current businesses. This has inspired me to share the importance of building one another up instead of tearing one another down. The key here is to find ways to show your partner love in a way that speaks loudly to him/her.

The book, The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, discusses five different common ways in which people give and receive love. Gary Chapman, the author, discusses ways to love people through gift giving, spending quality time together, providing acts of service for one another, giving personal and thoughtful touches, and offering affirming and loving words. The book offers a questionnaire to help you decipher which ways make you feel loved the most. The book supports that most people show love in the way they feel loved the most. So, I would encourage you to determine what ways your partner feels love the most and support him/her in that way. For example, if his/her primary love language is receiving affirming words, I would suggest writing letters to him/her, complimenting him/her in front of others, and sharing a specific list of instances where he/she did something that you truly appreciated. Each method of loving someone has an infinite number of ways to show that loving act. Take the time as a couple to take the love languages quiz, and your relationship will thrive even in the midst of tough business decisions you have to make together.

Hold Out for the Breakthrough
When business gets tough and finances are tight, relationships can be heavily strained. By loving your partner consistently in a way that he/she wants to be loved, you will be able to leave work at work and enjoy one another while you are at home. Being able to do this, support one another no matter what hardship you face, will keep you strong and acutely aware of how to strategize for business. You will not have personal relationship problems tainting your ability to work hard. When times get tough, you will have strength to stick it out until you finally experience a breakthrough in business. Taking care of each other while you are not working will give you the strength you need to work when hope is sparse. This is the key to reaching a breakthrough in any business.

Cross the Finish Line Together
Once the tough times are over, as they always eventually end, you will have the opportunity to finish the tough work together. This will be incredibly rewarding and build strong “work muscles.” This will give you an experience of success, showing you how to make the right decisions in the future to create more success. Ultimately, achieving that success together will not only strengthen your relationship, but it will also strengthen your business partnership. This is how running businesses with your partner can be extraordinarily successful.