entrepreneur-Jason and Lakisha Williams blogEntrepreneurs have many different characteristics that usually define them. For example, entrepreneurs are often resilient, independent, visionary, determined, and passionate. They must be passionate about their dreams, and driven enough to follow them no matter the odds. Because of this, entrepreneurs need to be emotionally tough. Besides some of these emotional characteristics though, entrepreneurs need to understand how entrepreneurship works in order to succeed. Your personality can only take you so far, and you will therefore need to understand a few key concepts in order to breakthrough as an entrepreneurial success story.

Knowledge is Power

An entrepreneur must be educated. Not formally educated, but educated in their specific industry. Entrepreneurs often take knowledge from great thinkers of years prior and transform them into something new and innovative. Individuals following this route must also know everything there is to know about their specific industries. By becoming knowledgeable on industry specifics, you will automatically place yourself in front of your competition.

Entrepreneurship is not Uniform

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Do not assume that because you’re not a millennial, or because you’re not of a specific educational background that you cannot break into an entrepreneurial role.

Money Management

This is a valuable concept to understand even if you’re not an entrepreneur. Individuals who know how to manage their money do not spend it freely. Be frugal, and save money to invest in later opportunities. Money that you receive from clients should be reinvested into your business. A wise money manager will ensure stability within the business. James Stephenson of  Entrepreneur suggests using that money to also promote and market your business.

Keep Legislation and Law in Mind

Knowing the law is vital to any business venture. If your business is in the creative space, be very careful with copyright laws. One small infringement can turn into complex legal issues that drain profits, or even capital from your business. Try your best to avoid these situations. Also, according to Carolyn M. Brown of Black Enterprise, regulatory and tax laws can have large impacts on small businesses. For example, the JOBS ACT assists small businesses collect capital from crowdfunding efforts, giving these businesses the opportunity to grow.

It’s Hard to go Solo

Sometimes, you may need assistance from others to truly jump start your business. Seeking outside investors and individuals who will follow your passion will surely allow you to propel into new heights.

Understand that Failure is Part of the Process

These individuals need to know how to embrace failure, and to hold a great amount of confidence in themselves. Entrepreneurs win, but they also lose, which is why having confidence and determination are some of their most important qualities for individuals venturing into their own businesses.

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